• “Skin tone” and “undertone” are two terms you’ve probably heard during our livestreams and GRWM videos. While these might sound the same, they’re actually not! So for the besties who want to learn the difference and apply this knowledge to an upcoming shopping spree: this guide is for you! Skin ... View Post
  • A lot, TBH.And we’re not even being cheeky about it! The Colourtints are cult favorites for a reason. From the formula to the packaging to the shade range, the Colourtints are the everyday Filipina’s/Filipino’s best friends when it comes to high-quality, budget-friendly makeup you can use in mor... View Post
  • “Ms. Nina!”“Multi-use!”“Boss Babe!”These may be the first things that come to mind when someone mentions Colourette, and for good reason! These three key points are tied in with many aspects of the brand, and they're strong foundations whenever we launch new products or create campaigns.More spe... View Post